Video Calling

Collaborate and connect with your team, candidates and clients remotely

Whether you’re working from home, interviewing candidates remotely or managing a remote workforce, communication is simple with video calling integrated into your Squirrel solution.


Simple to organise, without losing your place

Schedule video meetings and interviews all within your Squirrel platform, whether you’re managing candidates in your recruitment pipeline, scheduling meetings on your calendar, or chatting with team members via the integrated messaging function.

Simply open the invitation and click the video link to run your video meeting or interview from anywhere.


Use video to your advantage when screening candidates

Swap initial phone screening or in-person meetings with video to filter out unsuitable applicants faster and ensure maximum time is spent with your strongest candidates.

Invite shortlisted candidates to a video meeting right from your recruitment pipeline, without needing to lose your place.


Collaborate effectively with colleagues

Build and maintain stronger working relationships and a positive culture, with easy collaboration via video when working from home or managing a remote workforce.

Schedule individual or group meetings direct from any internal conversation and enjoy seamless communication throughout your teams and your business.


Already using Zoom or Teams? Upgrade to continue using your existing solutions within Squirrel

Keep the functionality and user interface you know and enjoy, with Zoom and Teams integration to manage your video calls, interviews, meetings and conferences in one place.

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