Conversations & Collaboration

Collaborate and connect from anywhere, at any time.

Keep all team members engaged with seamless in-app communication, whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or managing a hybrid workforce.


Keep the conversation flowing

In-app messaging ensures you and your team can keep the conversations flowing regarding a range of tasks, goals, objectives, and anything else.

Plus, by keeping all team member communication within your HR and management system, you can gain valuable insights into how your team work, who your top communicators are, and more.


There's no need to lose your spot

Respond to conversations, schedule meetings, create group chats, add attachments and more – directly from your notifications bar – ensuring you never need to lose your place when a quick response is required.


Be proactive with multiple response options and meeting setup

Need to discuss a topic in more detail? Take the next step in your conversations by scheduling meetings and video calls straight from your message. Upgrade your video calls to Zoom or Teams to continue with the UI you are familiar with.

Your team can also respond via text or voice message, and add attachments for review, to ensure easy collaboration and communication from anywhere.

Boost collaboration & culture across your business.