UserFirst Implementation Ethos

Our UserFirst approach is founded on our passion for delivering the software you've been dreaming of, by taking the time to understand what you need to achieve to gain a competitive advantage.

To ensure that we deliver the best possible outcome, we’ve taken the best out of software implementation methodologies and configuration capabilities to allow us to best serve you. We gather as much detail in the beginning as possible and deliver detailed prototype designs for you, so we can ensure the development process runs smoothly.

This approach ensures we avoid issues occurring after configuration, and in some cases code development, ultimately ensuring faster delivery of the required solutions with costs and stress levels kept to a minimum.

High attention to detail from the start of the process improves flexibility to better meet your potential future needs over time. We believe that a structured process now enables flexibility in your system for the future.

And, with everything documented, you’ll know exactly what to expect – every step of the way – so there’s no need for surprises with the delivered solutions.

We put you and your needs first – it’s our ‘UserFirst’ way.

1. Document requirements & initial design


Gather requirements

Tell us what you need to achieve with your software solution. We’ll take the time to discuss and gather all the requirements through focused discovery sessions to bring these to life.


Document requirements

We ensure a clear vision of the requirements are documented and agreed before commencing the solution build, so the right functionality can be planned from the beginning.


Prototype solution build

We begin turning your requirements into a fit for purpose solution.


Documentation of integration requirements

With the first prototype completed, we look at the requirements for integration and usability.

2. Prototype review through to acceptance


Prototype review & user feedback

We will show you how your solution is taking shape and gather feedback.


Update user requirement documents

Based on your feedback, the documented user requirements will be updated.


Update prototype solution for acceptance

The prototype solution will be updated and presented for initial acceptance.

3. Develop and configure solution


Data migration requirements

With a detailed understanding of your solution requirements, the data migration strategy from existing solutions can be finalised.


Develop test scripts

Using the business requirements document as the foundation, test scripts will be developed and documented, considering all requirements to ensure full coverage and a quality outcome.


User acceptance & deployment

With the test plan finalised, your solution will be deployed on the environment intended for production. Specified users will be provided access for the roles they will be performing.

4. Solution delivery


Solution delivery for review & acceptance

We will meet with you to show you through your system and discuss any last minute changes before handover.


Update final user requirements document

Dependent on feedback, we will update your requirements document to reflect final changes.


Develop user guides & training materials

To ensure a seamless transition, we develop comprehensive user guides and training materials.


Finalise configuration and go-live

With all bases covered, we put the final touches on your SquirrelHR solution. You’re now ready to get started!

Ready to get started?