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Collaborating with companies worldwide to solve a range of people management problems

As an HR professional, manager or business owner, we understand the pressures you and your business are under.

Here at Squirrel, we work with teams across Australia, New Zealand and around the world to transform their recruitment, people management, development and payroll processes.

See below for a glimpse of the problems we have solved for our key clients and collaborators across different industries.


Reliable crew management, recruitment & payroll for a global shipping company

This client manages crew and vessels in both Oil and Dry Cargo, globally. Reliability and accuracy in their recruitment, management and payroll software is crucial.

SquirrelHR software helps them to ensure that all crew have all the prerequisite skills when on board, with a database managing more than 20,000 records for compliance and qualification management at any one time.

Their system provides a fully integrated Crew Jobs Board, and a crew maintenance, compliance, scheduling and international payroll solution. With all front and back office requirements covered, they can now be assured that their crew on board any vessel, at any time, are skilled and fully capable of performing the roles required of them – underpinning the ‘safety first’ motto in everything they do.


A comprehensive platform for elite sports coach development

This client’s ability to stay at the top of their sport is determined by the quality and skill of their elite coaches. They see coach development as a journey and wanted a tool that would enable feedback on all aspects of coaching across four pillars of management, including self-assessment.

Their Squirrel platform provides a fully featured Learning Management System providing customisable and interactive resources aligned to their four pillars, along with a tool for self-reflection across more than 2,000 competencies to identify development opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence enables comparison of appraisals with that of their peers, mentors and high-performance management to access and assign the most relevant courses for each coach, enabling continuous improvement across their organisation.


Taking care of complex payroll requirements

This client has complex payroll requirements, along with large fluctuations in payslips during specific times of the year – for upwards of 20,000 employees.

This business needed a new payroll solution based on modern architecture for API integration, to save processing time for payroll and to improve accuracy using automated award interpretation.

Squirrel software now provides a complete payroll solution for all types of employees. Rest API integration ensures all onboarded employees and approved timesheets are processed against employment conditions for a fully automated payroll solution.


Employee performance management & succession planning

This business needed to create a clear line of sight from a person’s performance to their remuneration plans. With a Squirrel solution in place, the HR team are now equipped with a performance management and succession planning solution to ensure they are developing their staff and providing them a clear path to advancement.

This collaboration provides:

  • 360-degree appraisal
  • Manager-led setting of time-based objectives
  • Succession planning using visual heat maps
  • A clear picture of performance by Area, Role and Individual

This client now has a thorough understanding of risks associated with turnover while also providing their employees with a view of where they could be if they continue on their current performance trajectory.


Creating efficiencies in recruitment with automation

With Squirrel solutions in place, recruitment and labour hire businesses across Australia and New Zealand are making the most of automation across their hiring, assessment, onboarding/induction, scheduling, timesheet, invoicing and payroll processes – in a single platform.

These businesses now enjoy multi-tenant jobs boards with configurable automated workflows and pipelines, and automated quoting based on agreed working conditions.

Candidates, managers and customers are kept up to date across devices, from selection through to timesheet approval, for incredibly efficient recruiting and candidate management.


A comprehensive solution for health recruitment and agencies

This client is a multi-faceted organisation with a large focus on the provision of contingent labour across a wide range of businesses.

With Squirrel software in place, they have implemented a back-office solution to manage their Payroll and Invoicing requirements for over 80 awards covering health recruitment and agency. Integration to their Candidate Management solution is provided to take care of all clients’ jobs and timesheets. This integration retrieves all job details and attached employee timesheets, with automatic award interpretation and processing of approved timesheets.

Their dream of automated payroll and generation of client invoices is now reality, with direct integration to the ERP solution saving them a significant amount of time across all recruitment and payroll-related processes.


Training & accreditation for sports coaches

This client provides accreditation for all levels of coaches, from Beginner to Elite Level.

Squirrel provides a platform to create, manage and implement the course material, including video and non-interactive resources such as course assessments based on topics, tutor feedback and scoring.

This system captures the relationship with all coaches while they progress through the levels and provides an application for:

  • Scheduling courses
  • Defining agendas and topics
  • Presenting resources relevant to each topic

Attendees can complete assessments and document journals for constant contact with their appointed tutors.

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