Transform your recruiting workflows.

All your recruitment processes in one place. Make finding, managing and hiring the best candidates simple with a comprehensive applicant tracking system including assessments, automated communications and pipelines, and more.

Stop wasting time on recruiting workflows that your HR management system should be able to achieve for you. Reduce your time and cost to hire exceptional candidates with an intelligent, complete system in place.


Comprehensive Applicant Tracking System

Reduce your time to hire with all the tools required to attract, engage and assess quality candidates.

Configurable to suit all roles and role types, adjust each workflow within our comprehensive ATS to efficiently manage all hiring processes from start to finish, and save templates for later.

Rich candidate profiles are captured for automated screening, selection and onboarding, based on the workflows and requirements you decide.


Configurable for all role requirements

Multiple workflow options enable customisation of your pipeline to suit all roles, role types, screening and assessment requirements, and more. Once your workflows are established, save templates for a quick hiring setup the next time around.

You’re in control of your hiring experience here.


Automated screening, assessment & communication workflows

Make the most of automation to screen and assess applicants, move candidates to different stages based on their responses, and send personalised communications regarding their application status or next step.


Efficient communication

With outbound Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and SMS notifications included, communicating with all candidates, directly from your platform, is simple.

Configure your pipeline to automate personalised notifications as candidates move along your pipeline for tasks including:

  • Sending assessment links
  • Sending status updates
  • Sending forms required for submission
  • Notifications of approaching deadlines

Please note transaction fees apply. 


Integrated scheduling & video interviews

With seamless scheduling and interview management directly through your Squirrel platform, remote meetings, interviewing and hiring is simple.

Video calls are easy to set up directly from your pipeline, conversations or schedule. Zoom and Teams video integration is also available.


Multi-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to specific workflows, assessments or sign on processes with multi-factor authentication via SMS.

  • Removes the requirement for signatures when submitting online documents
  • Confirms authenticity when enabled for candidates undergoing screening assessments
  • Reduces the risk of other users acting on a team member or candidate’s behalf
  • Ensure security and compliance requirements are met.

CV/Resume parsing

Streamline your candidate evaluation process to eliminate hours of unnecessary manual evaluation and data entry.

CV parsing does the heavy lifting with automatic updates for candidate profiles including insightful summaries and skills percentages. All reports and summaries are configurable to display only the information you’re looking for per role.

Any file type including Word and PDF is accurately parsed, with an intelligent processor handling all non-standard formatting such as varying text box arrangements, images, and more.

Please note transaction fees apply. 


Automated applicant email parsing

Forget about manually downloading, reviewing and updating candidate profiles on receipt of their application email. Streamline the process with automated applicant email parsing.

Using a unique job code, each applicant’s email from any jobs board will be automatically parsed to capture key details from their attached CVs. Profiles are then created or updated with the relevant information required for each candidate’s role, ready for evaluation, organisation and communication with only the most suitable applicants for each position.

Please note transaction fees apply. 

Start making the most of your talent pool.