Employee Development

Build your strongest team yet

Make the most of each team member’s potential, and retain your most talented, motivated and valuable employees with increased professional development opportunities.


Define development plans and assign objectives

Continued professional development is essential to building a strong team.

Enable effective employee development from defining areas for development, to creating objectives, associating relevant resources, and assigning tasks as required. Form a clear idea of where your team needs development, then invest in your organisation’s most valuable assets – your people.


Easily manage development opportunities and progress

Assign courses to any team member associated with their defined development objectives, and view progress to keep track of there individuals and your team as a whole are in their training and development journeys.

Monitor perceived development and wellbeing with regular appraisals to provide valuable feedback and identify areas for further development.


Collaborate to keep developing

Enable effective collaboration and mentoring with an open line of communication regarding any development objective, course or task.

In-app conversations make it easy to keep in touch with your team and ensure they stay on track, whether you work in the same office, remotely, or a combination of both.

These conversations can be filtered for easy access to the messages you need to find, including by individual development objectives, all in the one place.


Understand your team's progress

There’s no need to guess when reviewing your team’s progress. The Development Overview Dashboard provides rich graphical reporting for quick and easy understanding of team development, both individually and as a group. View key trends, statistics and action or alert items as required to stay up to date.

Use this information to your advantage, and enjoy seeing a marked improvement throughout your team.

Build your strongest team yet.