Keep your employees on the right track

Maintain a high-performing team with improved self-awareness, engagement, performance management and development opportunities – and use this to your advantage.


Enable self-reflection, personal development and professional growth

Feedback via appraisal provides managers with valuable information on development areas for each team member.

Once you have identified areas for review, it’s easy to start building appraisals with a range of response types to help you better understand your team. Include multi-level conditional questioning in your appraisals to facilitate deeper understanding and awareness to determine development needs and assess progress over time throughout your team.


Assign and manage appraisals

Keeping track of assigned appraisals is simple, with all appraisals stored in the Assessment Library.

View details on each appraisal and assessment including responses due, reviews, reviewers and the status of each, for quick and easy understanding of the actions required.

You can also view each team member’s assigned assessments in their profiles, for a clear view of what they’ve completed, what’s due and where they are in their reflection and development process.


Review, understand and use the information to your advantage

Easily identify trends within your team’s appraisals, using rich graphical reporting for quick interpretation.

Understand the outcomes as they relate to each person. With a clearer view of your team’s thoughts, knowledge and confidence, use the information to your advantage to start making necessary changes for continued development.

The result? Happier, more motivated employees making an even bigger mark on your business. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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