Onboarding & Induction

Better first days start with seamless onboarding processes

Set the tone and start all new hires on the right foot with automated tasks and detailed role-specific workflows to guide new team members through their initial training and induction.


Configure role-specific workflows

With onboarding as part of your fully configurable recruitment pipeline, it’s easy to ensure all new hires are set up for organised, enjoyable first days.

Simply set up automated role-specific inductions to ensure all job and compliance requirements, documentation and role-specific tasks are understood. Don’t leave people guessing – set expectations and enjoy seeing more confident, motivated and happy team members from the very beginning.


Ensure all compliance requirements are met

With Squirrel, it’s simple to ensure all compliance requirements are met before new team members get started.

Easy to understand displays and graphical reporting ensure you can stay up to date and act quickly on areas that need to be addressed throughout each employee’s employment, including inductions, qualifications, certifications and expiries, and more.


Keep track of all documents in one place

Ensure compliance, consistency and accuracy across all documentation, including employment contracts, policies and procedures within your Squirrel system.

With quick and easy access to your files at all times, and mail merge functionality to save time and reduce the risk of error, document management is simple, efficient and stress-free.

Better first days start with Squirrel.