Gain a clear understanding of your team, candidates and opportunities

Fully configurable surveys enable easy assessment of candidates prior to hiring, detailed role-specific onboarding workflows and gathering of employee opinions for a thorough understanding of your team.


Multiple question and response types

Make it easier to gauge your assignees’ understanding as they complete the modules, with a range of question and answer types to suit all use cases.

Answers can be collected as text, yes/no, multi-choice, video, scales, attachments and more, ensuring you can easily capture the information you need from your team and/or candidates.


Efficient candidate screening

Use surveys to your advantage as part of your automated recruitment process to screen all candidates as applications are received.

These are completely configurable with multiple response types to suit your screening and assessment requirements, including text answers, video, yes/no, scales, multi-choice and more.

Based on candidate responses, configure different questioning workflows to gather more information if required, for example visa status details if not an Australian citizen.


Caters for unique onboarding requirements

User surveys as an effective onboarding tool, to capture and share critical information prior to any new hire settling into their role.

  • Gauge your new hire’s understanding of procedures and policies
  • Send and receive all onboarding documentation including qualifications, signed contracts, and more to meet compliance requirements before their first day begins.
  • Configure surveys with multiple response types, from text to scales, attachments, video, yes/no, multi-choice and more
  • Configure different questioning workflows depending on previous answers.

Continue to understand and develop your team

Assessments are essential for understanding your team and enabling continuous development. The best part is that they are simple to set up within our survey functionality.

Create surveys to find out what employees know, where their knowledge gaps are, how they feel about certain aspects of their roles and/or workplace, and anything else you’d like to gather their opinions on.

Surveys are fully configurable to suit how you want to gather this information.


Multi-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to specific workflows, assessments or your sign on process with multi-factor authentication via SMS.

  • Confirms authenticity when enabled for candidates undergoing screening assessments
  • Removes the requirement for signatures when submitting online documents
  • Reduces the risk of other users acting on a team member or candidate’s behalf
  • Ensure security and compliance requirements are met.

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